Hello my name is Didee.gr

Konstantinos had an idea. He wanted to create an urban life magazine.

He asked me for a logo.. and some help with the website. After a few meetings,  I became part of theproject and started working as the art director of didee.gr.

A lot of people got involved and a small idea became big.. and we wanted to make it even bigger!
After a looooooot of thinking and brainstorming.. and beer, and coffee..  we decided to make a party! But then the party, became part of an exhibition. An exhibition talking about didee.gr. Exhibition?! Yes! We asked from 11 artists to make a piece for each category of didee.gr. And.. they did!

Enough said… “Hello, my name is didee.gr” became one of my favourite projects
and you can take a look of it here:

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lokoexe_hello_3 lokoexe_hello_9

and the backstage video

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for the opening party we printed some stickers and shared with everyone.. well, that was fun!!

lokoexe_hello_1 lokoexe_hello_2 lokoexe_hello_12 lokoexe_hello_4

and a sneak peek from the exhibition!


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